The city of Trieste, the eastern terminus of the proposed cycling route

From Venice to Trieste on a bike? It’s looking ever more likely

From Venice to Trieste on a bike? It’s looking ever more likely

The proposed Cycling Route of the Lagoons will stretch for 250 kilometres

There may soon be a cycling route that goes along the northern Adriatic coast between the cities of Venice and Trieste. This became clear after the Veneto Region and the Autonomous Region of Friuli Venezia Giulia have signed a collaboration agreement and the establishment of a technical table for the design and construction of the cycling road.

The genesis of the project lies in the 2016 Stability Law

The initiative, despite bureaucratic setbacks, is slowly starting to take shape. We can find its origins in the 2016 Stability Law with which 91 million euros were allocated for the 2016-2018 period for interventions aimed at developing cycling mobility and, in particular, for the design and construction of a national system of tourist cycle paths, with a priority for ten Italian routes, including this cycling route.

The two Italian regions signed a memorandum of understanding in April 2019. According to that agreement, the Friuli Region would act as the lead coordinator, for the most significant actions to be taken.

These include: involving the local administrations concerned as well as other bodies, committees and associations; identifying the activities aimed at financing, planning and carrying out the works in the project; transmitting the technical and economic feasibility project of the cycling route to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility (MIMS); proposing said Ministry to distribute the amount of over 16 million euros, to be allocated to the first functional lot; and monitoring the progress of activities. 

"The future Cycling path of the Lagoons, which will connect Venice with Trieste will allow you to experience a breathtaking and varied landscape, which includes the Adriatic Sea as well as the hills close to Grado in the Venetian plain - a journey to be discovered, made up of colours, scents and flavours,” declared the Veneto Regional Councilor for Infrastructure and Transport, Elisa De Berti, adding: “250 kilometres to be experienced almost all in one breath or, in stages - the result of important projects aimed at the development of social and sustainable tourism”.

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