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From Wroclaw to Karpacz with just one ticket

From Wroclaw to Karpacz with just one ticket

A new agreement between the railway and bus carriers will allow accessing the spa and ski resort at the price of single ticket

Following a new agreement between the Polish railway company PKP Intercity and the bus operator POLBUS-PKS, travelling from the capital of Lower Silesia Wroclaw to the famous spa and ski resort Karpacz will be much easier and cheaper. Departing from Wrocław, passengers will be able to get to Jelenia Góra by train, change connections to the bus, which goes directly to Karpacz, using only one ticket for the entire journey. They will thus pay the price of a railway connection from Warsaw or Wrocław to Jelenia Góra. This means that the bus connection does not incur additional costs.

The offer applies to the Express Intercity Premium train, which departs in the afternoon from Warsaw to Jelenia Góra and goes through Częstochowa, Lubliniec, Opole, Brzeg, Wrocław and Wałbrzych. The POLBUS-PKS buses will take you from Jelenia Góra to Karpacz.

The train arrives at the destination station in Jelenia Góra at 21:25, the bus to Karpacz is scheduled for 21:40 (available from Monday to Friday and on Sundays, excluding 24.12, 25.12 and 31.12.)

The same goes for the return tickets. The POLBUS-PKS bus departs from Karpacz Górny at 3:10. Travellers can reach it to Jelenia Góra and change to Express Intercity Premium, which leaves from the station at 4:30. The return bus will run from Monday to Saturday excluding 25.12, 26.12 and 1.01.

But however good the offer is, it is limited for the winter holidays, or from December 20, 2018 to February 24, 2019. Tickets will be available at the box office and are already for sale, including online.




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