Ana Mula, the mayor of Fuengirola, checks out one of the lamp sensors, Source: Ayuntamiento de Fuengirola

Fuengirola goes the ‘smart city’ way on public services

Fuengirola goes the ‘smart city’ way on public services

This year the city council is integrating a multi-modal sensor system for lighting, noise levels and more

Earlier today, the Municipality of Fuengirola (Spain) announced that it has taken the first steps to implement a new smart system, which will allow real-time control of most of the basic public services that it provides. This underscores the ambition of the Andalusian coastal locality to become a truly smart city by using tools that have proven successful in places, such as Paris, New York, London and Miami.

The new smart system, based on remote sensors, aims to optimize energy savings in the city and reduce its carbon footprint. It will digitalize the control of basic public services, such as lighting, noise levels, traffic devices, irrigation, ecological islands and domestic buildings. The cost of the implantation has a tab of about one million euros.

Some examples of the benefits brought on by the smart system

In this way, through real-time monitoring and control of streetlights, garden watering points, or sound level meters to be installed at different points, those responsible for the respective municipal services will know, thanks to a computerized control panel, the status of these objects at any given moment.

The devices in question will also be able to optimize their energy consumption and operational costs. In addition, the implementation of this technology will offer a wide variety of benefits, including higher levels of security, satisfaction and well-being for all citizens.

As an example, in the case of public lighting, the luminosity of the streetlamps on each street will be adapted according to the average use of the day and any eventual blackouts will be detected at the moment they happen.

Likewise, in the event of rain, the system will be able to interrupt the irrigation of the gardens. If the different sound sensors detect noise saturation in a certain location, the platform will activate a warning to the local Police so that they can become aware of the situation and intervene.



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