Two upgraded disabled parking spots in Fuengirola, Source: Ayuntamiento de Fuengirola

Fuengirola to upgrade all disabled parking spots and bus stops

Fuengirola to upgrade all disabled parking spots and bus stops

Authorities realized that simply having these is not enough, especially if they do not conform to current legislation

Recently, the Fuengirola City Council received recognition for having made all of its beaches fully accessible but rather than languish in satisfaction, the authorities are already looking at how to make the city even more inclusive. The Spanish city administration is finalizing the steps on a plan that will allow the refurbishment of all the disabled parking lots and bus stops on the territory in a way that meets current standards.

More specifically, this concerns making more than 230 parking spaces and 41 bus stops safer and more accessible for people with disabilities.

From urban planning to urban adaptation

Creating accessibility beaches was an idea that started at the start of this century although it was only recognized recently with the awarding of Universal Accessibility Flags to Fuengirola. Still, the work to adapting the urban environment is now shifting its focus more inland.

Ana Mula, the mayor of the Andalusian city, informed that her government will provide nearly 300 thousand euros for a project that will upgrade the remaining parking spots and bus stops that have not seen such work done. And it will be done in three months.

The action foresees, among other measures, creating access ramps between the sidewalk and the parking lots for the disabled everywhere they currently do not exist. This will also include improving their signage, and providing them with enough space so that, in addition to parking the vehicle, passengers can open its doors and access it comfortably.

As for the bus network stops, the plan is to carry out the following implementations: specific pavement will be incorporated that helps to delimit the bus stop; stops that do not have canopies, and provided that road conditions allow it, will feature individual raised benches (also known as ischial seats in Spain) so that passengers can wait in better comfort; high-relief graphics and braille system flooring will be incorporated to indicate where the stop is, making it easier for the blind to identify this environment.

Fuengirola is and should be a city for everyone - comfortable for those who live here and for those who visit us. Therefore, we must plan all possible actions that result in an improvement in the quality of life and facilitate the integration of anyone who chooses us as a city, whether to live here or as a holiday destination,” concluded the mayor.



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