Funchal offers detailed spatial information regarding its territory

Funchal offers detailed spatial information regarding its territory

This was made possible through an online georeference platform

GeoFunchal, the Madeiran capital’s virtual geographical reference platform is about to turn one year in May. On that occasion the authorities reported that it has been a successful implementation, having been accessed about 13,000 times since then.

This is a pioneering tool that emerged within the scope of the township's spatial planning policies and provides georeferenced information in an efficient and innovative way, guaranteeing citizens direct access to the kind of geographic information technologies that have previously been at the disposal of the Funchal City Council only.

A modern way of looking at and understanding maps

The initiative is an essential instrument for a better understanding of the territory, both for the services of the Municipality and for the citizens, professionals and companies that operate on its territory, through basic functions of visualization of geographic information and the consultation of conditions on the ground.

The GeoFunchal virtual platform is crucial, therefore, to ensure greater knowledge for informed decision-making and reasonable and more adequate territorial management.

Since the publication of the revision of the Funchal Municipal Master Plan (PDM), in 2018, together with the evolution of information technologies in this field, the Funchal City Council has been promoting the best way to work and invest on its territory. Using this type of cutting-edge geographic information systems promotes the development and support of spatial decisions.

The municipal website affirms that innovation is one of the most structural pillars that guide the action of the local council, which has been investing a lot, in recent years, into making Funchal an increasingly intelligent city.

The GeoFunchal platform was developed by the Geographic Information Division of the Municipality. It also allows informing and raising awareness among the citizens of the objectives and goals proposed in the PDM, providing an interactive visualization of the various elements on the territory. This tool is also very useful with regard to proximity and civic participation.



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