Funchal's coast may be rocky but you can find a spot to dip in

Funchal prepares for bathing suit season

Funchal prepares for bathing suit season

Finishing works on the city’s swimming seaside complexes are completed

Madeira is a great place to explore some unique flora, fauna and architectural heritage. Blessed with balmy weather all year round, thanks to its location west of Africa in the Atlantic Ocean. The sea itself is not the warmest, but it does get warm enough to attract bathers during the late summer.

Nevertheless, authorities in the capital of Funchal are ready to open bathing and suntanning season for those who are keen on these activities in the month of June already. The mayor of the city, Miguel Silva Gouveia, visited the maintenance works taking place at Praia Formosa and Praia do Gorgulho – Gavinas, in the parish of São Martinho, in order to inspect progress.

Funchal has a rocky coast and pebbly beaches but also specially designed bathing complexes

These works represent a municipal investment of more than 40 thousand euros and cover the Barreirinha Bathing Complex, São Tiago Beach, Lido Bathing Complex, Ponta Gorda Bathing Complex, Poças do Gomes Bathing Complex - Doca do Cavacas, and the Praia Formosa Bathing Complex.

Mayor Silva Gouveia declared that “these interventions aim to ensure all the conditions of comfort and safety so that the people from Funchal, Madeira, and the tourists who are finally starting to arrive in the Region and in the city, can fully enjoy these spaces and their vacation if that's the case”.

The interventions include maintenance works for swimming pools and solariums, painting, regularizing the pebbles, replacing the walkway that connects the tunnel from Doca do Cavacas to Praia Formosa, and placing plumbing to reinforce safety in circulation areas, among others.

The Mayor added: “We are working so that this summer, all the complexes are at the service of the population and functioning normally, guaranteeing all security conditions, both in terms of the infrastructure itself, as well as in matters related to the containment of the pandemic”.



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