Funchal pet ambulance, Source: Funchal Municipality

Funchal reports on its pet ambulance service

Funchal reports on its pet ambulance service

A van had been converted to meet the needs of the animals

The administration of the city of Funchal, on the island of Madeira, has made animal welfare one of its main missions and policies. This is attested by the fact that there is a specialized vehicle dedicated to transporting dogs and cats, and which operates as an ambulance or a taxi (depending on the circumstances).

The municipal portal informed that in 2020, despite being a difficult year for humans, this service kept on operating and animals and their wellbeing was not forgotten.

The service was started in 2019

In Funchal, animals, whether they are domestic or not, are seen as any other resident who has the right to dignity, health care and improved quality of life. The pet ambulance operates with the support of the firefighters' brigade in the city, which meant the conversion of one of their old vans for a noble purpose.

The results are in and they show that about 600 animals were transported in 2020 with the municipal van; of them 268 dogs and 323 cats. The vehicle was especially helpful during vaccination and chip placement campaigns with reports saying that 3000 such vaccination were performed at no cost for the residents.

The municipal website recalled that animal welfare is a mainstay of the current local government, which has already invested 1.5 million euros towards that cause.

This has included pioneering measures, such as the ban on animal shows and animal exploitation, the end of euthanasia for stray animals, as well as the hiring of a full-time municipal veterinarian.

Furthermore, the end of last year saw the opening of a new shelter in Fundoa for a cost of 60 thousand euros and a capacity for 80 dogs. It serves in addition to a dog kennel in Vasco Gil and a cattery, located in the same district.

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