The Mayor of Funchal at the Nursery of Shops, Source: Funchal Municipality

Funchal will offer a test store for fledgling businesses

Funchal will offer a test store for fledgling businesses

The initiative, called Viveiro de Lojas, will offer floor space to 6 entrepreneurs for 6 months

In a bid to show strong support not only in words but also in actions, the Municipality of Funchal announced on 12 February that it is sponsoring the opening of an innovative project aimed at giving support to local entrepreneurs. The initiative, called Viveiro de Lojas (or a Nursery for Shops) and set to open in March, will give the invaluable chance to people who want to open their own stores to see how that would work in reality and to test the interest of the market to their business.

All of that will be available free of charge, thus cutting off the inherent risk that such business investments always hold, given the fact that most business ventures tend to fail in real life despite the great ideas of the people behind them.

This is a safe way to sound out your business idea

The official website of the municipality located on the Atlantic island of Madeira, also informed that there are certain conditions to participate in this initiative, as it can be expected. Twice a year a call for applications will be placed by the Nursery. 6 entrepreneurs will be selected to take part and use the space for 6 months, after which the process will be repeated once again.

As the Mayor of Funchal, Miguel Silva Gouveia, explained: “This is the most recent project to encourage CMF entrepreneurship and that offers investors who are starting your business, a unique opportunity to have a space, without the expenses and risks associated with being a newcomer to the competitive market, and you can test, make your product known and come to the conclusion if it is suitable for the market and whether your business is viable”.

The local administration has funded the initiative with 32 000 euros and it would like to see a place which promotes networking and collaboration between the actors of the business fabric in the city as well as diversification in the offerings.

That is why innovative ideas will be welcomed and stores which operate in the fields of fashion, decoration, arts, health and well-being will be privileged for selection. The Nursery will operate in regular working hours, Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 6 pm.

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