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Funding opportunities in Ireland: 6 funds currently accepting proposals

Funding opportunities in Ireland: 6 funds currently accepting proposals

Discover the upcoming deadlines and what actions will be funded

Social Innovation Fund Ireland is a governmental initiative which aims to support innovative solutions to critical social issues in Ireland. It supports non-profit organizations, charities and social enterprises. Currently it is accepting applications under 6 funds, two of which with forthcoming deadlines.

The Engage & Educate 2019 Fund is open between 19th December 2018 and Tuesday 19th February 2019. It will grant €150,000 to around 4-5 projects. Supported are proposals which empower people through education to achieve their full potential and to contribute to their community. The winning projects are innovative and tackle the disabling effects on human potential of disadvantage, disability or migrant status.

ARTS TO IMPACT 2019 Fund supports innovative ideas which use arts and culture as a means to create positive social impact and will add 50% uplift to the amount of proper funding.

EARLY CHILDHOOD Fund supports the families in need of achieving better outcomes for their children. Again it provides 50% uplift on own funding. The awarded projects are contributing to the physical and mental health and wellbeing, emotional wellbeing and attachment, social skills and language and cognitive development of the kids.

SPORTS TO IMPACT Fund promotes the innovative use of sports as a means to better physical and mental health and to promote social inclusion for children, adolescents and adults. 50% uplift to the proper funding will be given to the winning projects.

SOCIAL ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT 2019 Fund provides over €1.6 million over two years: 2018 – 2020. Its purpose is to discover and support social enterprises enforce the social impact of communities. The fund will provide critical support to the most innovative and high-impact social enterprises across Ireland, helping them to: increase their social impact, increase their traded income, create more jobs, develop long-term, effective and sustainable social enterprises

On top of the financial contribution to the winning projects, the fund provides wonderful opportunities for networking and knowledge sharing, training, impact measurement and monitoring, as well as a platform for disseminating results.

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