The Getafe officials at the press conference, Source: Ayuntamiento de Getafe

Funds for European recovery: Getafe’s example

Funds for European recovery: Getafe’s example

The Spanish municipality presented 18 project proposals for its future

Today, 20 April, the city council of Getafe presented 18 concrete projects designed to restart the economic and social life in the municipality after the coronavirus pandemic. The city, located in the southern periphery of Madrid, sees its future aligned with the sustainability goals of the European Union and these proposals reflect that. Their total value has been estimated to come up to 87 million euros – money which, if approved, would be supplied by the Next Generation EU fund.

An example of a city with a plan

The city officials, led by Mayor Sara Hernández, argued that their administration is well-positioned for this challenge given their good record of managing socio-economic palliative programmes that have been carried out in conjunction with European institutions. In fact, it was pointed out that a special European fund management office in Getafe has been crucial in designing the new project proposals.

In Getafe we ​​are taking another step towards the economic recovery of the city; we are already a regional, national and also a European reference point. In addition, we have experience in the management of other European funds; in Getafe, we ​​take advantage of all the opportunities and all the tools that we have at our disposal, and with this door that the Government of Spain has opened we will continue to do so,” stated Mayor Hernández at the press conference.

The 18 projects that were presented have been divided in 3 thematic groups: sustainability and low emissions, refitting of buildings for energy efficiency and urban regeneration. Of these, it is the first group that has the most proposals (10).

Among them: the rehabilitation of the parking area of ​​the Sector III halt and low road to Toledo, which is already underway; a cycling path; the integral remodeling of the M-406, turning it into an urban road; the installation of acoustic screens on the A-42 and the improvement of the access of the M-45 to Getafe through the Polígono de Los Olivos.

7 of the projects are aimed at the renovation of buildings, the most colourful among them being the plan to adapt the nursery module of the Severo Ochoa School into an ecological island called “My school is not a hell”. The urban regeneration project will target the San Isidro district with a financing line for private buildings and small businesses.



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