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Furesø wants to help over 3,000 people quit smoking in 2022

Furesø wants to help over 3,000 people quit smoking in 2022

If smokers give up 10-12 cigarettes a day, they can save about EUR 1,400 by next Christmas

On 7 January, the Danish Municipality of Furesø announced that it wants to help citizens fulfil their New Year’s resolutions to quit smoking in 2022. During this year, the cost of cigarettes will rise and those who manage to give up the harmful habit can amass substantial savings.

According to a press release, a whopping 71% of 4,700 smokers in Furesø have said that they want to stop smoking. Although many wish to quit the habit because it is becoming too expensive, others acknowledge the negative impact of cigarettes on health and wellbeing.

Expanding on this, the municipality reports that approximately 14,000 people in Denmark lose their lives due to smoking every year. Put differently, smoking accounts for 20-25% of all deaths in the country.

Smoking cessation courses and fun competitions

As approximately 3,330 smokers intend to quit smoking in the coming year, Furesø is launching an initiative to help them achieve their goals. This month, the municipality created a new Facebook page, titled “Furesø quits smoking”. 

On this page, it will post information on upcoming smoking cessation courses as well as inspiration to help people give up the bad habit. More specifically, it will share people’s stories, launch competitions, and offer gift cards. Beyond this, it will announce a draw for a year’s worth of liquorice pipes.

Health professional coordinator Stine Ølvang from Furesø Municipality commented on the initiative, sharing that it needs to be a little fun in order to work. Taking this point further, Ølvang explained:

“It is not so nice to be reminded of the dark sides of smoking all the time. We, therefore, hope that the Facebook page can become a positive and vibrant place, where smokers can meet and motivate each other together.”

The municipality notes that those who manage to give up smoking 10-12 cigarettes a day will be able to save around DKK 11,000 (over EUR 1,400) by the end of the year.



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