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Gdynia helps local students prepare for the final exams

Gdynia helps local students prepare for the final exams

Based on a preliminary study, the Polish city has prepared targeted support materials for students, parents and teachers

Thinking about all the local students who have to take exams during the extraordinary conditions of the coronavirus pandemic, the Educational Department of Gdynia has launched its latest project. The Polish city will be providing support, tailored to the needs of eighth graders, high school graduates, parents and teachers. After conducting an online quantitative research, Gdynia diagnosed the areas where such support is needed and will be launching additional educational activities this month.

Tailored support - the key to overcoming educational challenges

To identify the needs of teaching professionals, students and their families, Gdynia asked a total of 688 high school students and 575 parents of eighth graders whether they needed additional help in preparing for the finals and what specific forms of support would best suit them. Based on their responses, the Department of Education decided to launch two academies – one for 8th graders (who are about to complete primary school) and one for high school soon-to-be graduates.

Individual activities will begin already this month and the links to the study materials will start becoming available. Both academies preview on site and online consultations on the exam formats and requirements, unlimited access to online learning materials and exam sheets on specific subjects.

In addition, the academy for eight-graders also offers webinars for parents with a psychologist on effective learning methods for exams, supporting and motivating their child (in the second case, students can participate in such consultations alone) and online workshops on career counselling.

Accordingly, there will be virtual training materials for teachers who will give classes on the topics of the exams – Polish, mathematics, foreign language, etc.

The time of a pandemic is a difficult moment for everyone, especially for young people who are about to face important exams. Thanks to the conducted research, the planned support for Gdynia students will be a response to their real needs and problems related to preparation for important exams in pandemic conditions.

On the other hand, teachers, thanks to comprehensive training, we will be able to effectively provide students with practical knowledge on this subject during stationary and online consultations,” commented on the occasion Bartosz Bartoszewicz, Gdynia’s Vice Mayor for Quality of Life.

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