Bike delivery workers can find a safe space at the Genoa "Casa dei Riders", Source: Unsplash

Genoa opens a resting house for bike couriers

Genoa opens a resting house for bike couriers

A sign of support from the city to the workers in this ‘Wild West’ industry

The City of Genoa has opened its first Casa dei Riders (House for bike couriers), located in the old town quarter. The facility is meant to serve as sort of a rest-and-replenish pitstop for the tired delivery employees crisscrossing the streets of the Italian city.

The bicycle delivery industry has boomed in the wake of the COVID pandemic giving employment opportunities to many people in large cities and also a cleaner and quieter environment. However, there is a dark side to it, as well, since the industry remains highly unregulated and the potential for exploitation is elevated.

The news tells us more and more often stories of underpaid riders who risk or even lose their lives to deliver on time,” says the Genoese councillor for social policies Lorenza Rosso. “Offering these workers a safe space is something that as a council we strongly wanted: the protection of workers must be a priority and we hope that with the inauguration of the "Casa dei Rider" the working conditions of these workers can be improved as they work tirelessly and have worked even in the pandemic to meet our needs".

Caring for clean mobility workers

The resting house is located on Via della Maddalena 31r and is a multifunctional support point available to all delivery workers. Inside it, workers will be able to rest, take shelter from the elements, recharge their telephones or e-bikes, and use the toilets and sanitary facilities. 

Additionally, in this space, the couriers will find an operator who will welcome them and who will be able to provide them with useful information for accessing the proximity centres, in order to evaluate possible opportunities for employment development.

And there will be free wifi, coffee and tea. All in all, a welcoming one-stop shop of care.



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