The three officials, present at the signing of the agreement, are showing some of the bilingual educational materials, Source: Genoa Municipality

Genoa to increase sustainability awareness among migrant residents

Genoa to increase sustainability awareness among migrant residents

Ecuadorians represent the largest community of foreign origin living in the city

At the end of last week, the Genoese city authorities signed an agreement with the local Ecuadorian Consulate with a view to conducting common initiatives aimed at raising awareness about separate waste collection among immigrant communities living in the city. Ecuadorian citizens represent the largest foreign community based in the Ligurian capital.

The agreement was signed at Palazzo Tursi by the Consul of Ecuador in Genoa, Gustavo Palacio Urrutia, the Councilor for the Environment of the Municipality of Genoa, Matteo Campora and the President of AMIU (the municipal waste management company), Pietro Pongiglione.

Involving all residents in the well-being of a city

The agreement emphasized the understanding that environmentally sustainable progress can only be truly possible if everyone living in a city understands the importance of the separate waste collection, and related activities, and is on board with them.

It comes from a common desire to create a virtuous system of information, awareness and involvement of all Ecuadorian citizens who live and work in Genoa in the aspects related to the improvement of separate waste collection, in the name of transparency and for greater enhancement environmental and protection of the neighbourhoods where the communities reside.

The parties involved intend to establish a fruitful collaboration through the organization of meetings to investigate the issues of correct waste disposal and separate collection. These will be supplemented by the distribution of bilingual awareness communication materials specifically aimed at the Ecuadorian Genoese community.

The way it has been done with other organizations, ecological days will be promoted that will combine environmental education messages with field activities, such as cleaning beaches and woods or raising awareness of the correct separation and transfer of the different materials.

Finally, it is also previewed to share and disseminate best practices with the main cities of Ecuador. Just as it is already the case with other European cities, in the context of European environmental projects, for the exchange of experiences in the field of environmental education and awareness about the correct disposal of waste.



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