Photos from the inauguration showing the entrances of the future tunnel, Source: City of Genoa

Genoa will have an underwater tunnel by the end of the decade

Genoa will have an underwater tunnel by the end of the decade

The infrastructure will link both sides of the city by going under its large port

On Monday, 4 March, the sound of a siren announced the start of the construction of Genoa’s sub-port tunnel, which will link the western and eastern sides of the coastal city while reducing traffic in the port area.

The large infrastructural project, which had been discussed for decades, has finally begun to take shape with an estimated completion date somewhere in the summer of 2029.

It is a pride to inaugurate today a construction site that will change the face of Genoa over the next few years,” declared the mayor of Genoa Marco Bucci, during the event. “The sub-port tunnel represents a strategic project, which will improve circulation in our city adding greater safety and sustainability also from an environmental point of view.”

It will be the widest underwater tunnel in Europe

Italian officials present at the construction inauguration, including Transport Minister Matteo Salvini, were quick to tout the uniqueness of the future facility.

The sub-port tunnel is a work that will be meant to showcase the excellence of Italian engineering as it contains all the characteristics of new methods of infrastructure planning.

When completed the tunnel will measure 3.4 kilometres in length and it will be 45 metres under the seabed. What’s more, the sub-port tunnel will be the longest of its kind in Italy and the widest in Europe – with an external excavation diameter of 16 metres for each tube. It will consist of two main tubes, one for each traffic direction.

Additionally, the construction of the tunnel will free up an area of ​​over 25,000 square meters to the city where the western entrance to the tunnel will be created. The diversion of the traffic flow will allow for the creation of urban regeneration and parks.



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