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Get ready for the WeMakeThe.City Festival in Amsterdam

Get ready for the WeMakeThe.City Festival in Amsterdam

Local authorities in the Dutch capital invite you to rethink together how to make the city better connected, safe, smart, skilled, inclusive and liveable for everyone

The City of Amsterdam, together with local actors from the business and public sectors invite you to the annual festival that aims to make the cities better – WeMakeThe.City in Amsterdam Metropolitan area between 17-23 June 2019. This event does not represent so much of a festival in the city but showcases the city itself as a festival. This means that over multiple days participants in will be engaged in all sorts of activities in what is at the same time a celebration and an optimistic reflection. For seven days WeMakeThe.City invites you to urban conferences, talks, documentaries, exhibitions, city ​​walks, regional tours, presentations, design sessions and workshops.

With more than 180 nationalities Amsterdam is a spiritual and cultural melting-pot. However, differences in appearance, language and culture also lead regularly to misunderstanding and tensions with sometimes far-reaching consequences of exclusion. Despite the multitude of opportunities stemming from these multicultural relations, these are hardly used enough.

With this respect, during WeMakeThe.City designers, social organizations, companies, governments will together consider the basic principles of the inclusive city. Inspired by examples from home and abroad, visitors design together with companies, knowledge institutions, civil society, project developers, living corporations, carriers, governments and civil initiatives the climate strategy for a sustainable Metropolis and Region Amsterdam.

How do we keep the city and its residents healthy now and in the future? How do we maintain healthcare accessibility for everyone? During stakeholder talks, the concept of the healthy city will be grasped. Financial institutions, companies, civil society, project developers and construction companies, knowledge institutions, retail organizations, carriers, and governments will share knowledge and experiences in the field of circular commerce and buildings, alternative logistic processes and new business models.

The festival gathers interested persons from the city and region together to draft principles for the region, city, district and neighbourhood of the future, to determine together its contours, to organize it and make it liveable. Residents, policy makers, researchers and traffic experts, app designers and politicians meet to develop a joint image of the future of mobility and accessibility in cities.

Discussions on how the smart city can exist and why, what impact will all these technological developments have on us as individuals and as society, on democracy, on consumer behaviour are part of the festival programme. Amsterdam mayor, artists, transporters, real estate agents will be considering how to achieve better accessibility and more diversity in a vibrant city.

Government, business, education, the creative industry, social organizations and young people will have their say on how the city can become the learning hotspot for a skilled city. Water specialists and governments go together with businesses, knowledge institutions, social organizations, designers and citizens to build a climate proof environment. During the festival, we will be looking together for strategies to enhance the safety in the urban environment.

And finally, thinkers and doers at all levels will be looking together in past models and future tendencies to explore the global concept of a thriving city.

The 2018 edition in numbers: 5 days, 170 cooperating organizations, 520 speakers, 429 events, 46,031 visitors, 185 partners, 30 outside places, 30 open roofs, 40 exhibitions. Find more about the upcoming edition and join us at WeMakeThe.City



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