Jan Henk Van der Velden, Director Utrecht Science Park, Source: Jan Henk Van der Velden, Director of Utrecht Science Park

Getting to know Utrecht Science Park

Getting to know Utrecht Science Park

The Engine for Promoting Sustainable Knowledge Economy

The Science Park in Utrecht is created under the auspices of Utrecht University, Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, the Province of Utrecht and the municipality of Utrecht. Its  objective is to provide a space where one can learn and exchange knowledge, where one can work and where one can create entrepreneurial environment for others to work. It brings the business, the industry and the academia together to create a unique place, a knowledge hub that represents the future of sustainability in fields such as learning, economy and cities development.

The financing of the science park comes through different sources. 92% comes from an entrepreneurial fund, while the rest is provided by the municipality and the regional budget.

Some key figures

What the Science Park boasts the most is that knowledge, expertise and business are close to each other, at a walking distance. There are 108 businesses operating in it, of which 20 are start-ups. More than 26,000 people are working on the 322 ha  space. 

Why is it important for businesses?

Utrecht is one of the areas within Europe that is thriving in terms of competitiveness and economic development. Therefore, it makes sense to have such a centre in this particular region. The Park provides services ranging from support to establish your own company to coaching and networking to cooperation with like-minded companies. The presence of all necessary sports, childcare and healthcare facilities ensures that one can work and create the future in the most favourable environment. 

Symbiosis between innovation and science

One of the main objectives of Utrecht Science Park is to bring together world-class scientists to work on the issues of today. One of the best examples is the opening of the Earth Simulation Laboratory (3 October, 2019) that will enable scientists to make correct predictions and precise analysis of deep-earth and on-the-surface processes. This will lead to the provision of proper solutions to major natural disasters and to the mitigation of their effects.

On 16 October, 2019, Utrecht Science Park became the first campus in the world with bidirectional charging for e-cars under the new ISO 15118 standard. That means that the newly established  system can both charge and de-charge electric vehicles thus creating a smart energy network.

The Utrecht Science Park uniqueness is due to a combination of three factors or, in other words, it is innovative in three ways – as a place for study, as a place for work and as a place for healthcare where innovative therapy for leukemia is introduced or where an in-depth scientific research is being conducted regarding new ways to treat epilepsy.

The Park is the perfect place for studying, doing business and for innovations in one of the most competitive and thriving economies in Europe.



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