Ghent charging station, Source: Stad Gent

Ghent speeds up the transition to electric vehicles

Ghent speeds up the transition to electric vehicles

The goal for the Flemish city is to make a charging station available at every 500 metres

Last week the Flemish city of Ghent (Belgium) announced its intention to install another 100 charging stations for electric vehicles starting 2022. The new stations are meant to be installed at sports grounds and will bring the total number of charging points to 300.

Electric mobility is high on the local agenda

Ghent has set the objective to facilitate electric mobility in the city and is acting in a coordinated way to make the electric transformation take place. Its goal – to offer a charging station for e-vehicles at least every 500 metres – will seem well within reach after 2022.

The project will be realised in partnership with the water supply company FARYS and the Flemish government. The latter will be providing a subsidy of 200,000 euros, while local authorities will be contributing 800,000 euros.

There are currently about 150 publicly accessible charging stations in the city – 120 of them are provided by the City of Ghent, 30 are semi-public. Their number is growing steadily and is expected to reach 200 by next spring.

The existing charging stations are mainly located at strategic places and at locations requested by citizens and car-sharing organizations. The new set of 100 points will be installed on the car parks of the Ghent sports facilities, which are managed by FARYS. They will be available to the sports grounds’ users but also to local residents.

Ghent’s mission to promote sustainable mobility is manifested well beyond the improvement of infrastructure and logistics, however. As we informed earlier, in spring Ghent received an important recognition for its car-sharing promotion and support policies.

The car-sharing award was given to Ghent as recognition for the fact that its staff members use carsharing vehicles for work-related travel and that it has adopted a Carshare Action Plan. The city also provides subsidies for the purchase of electric cars.



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