Half-filled tram tracks in Ghent (marked by green spots), Source: City of Ghent

Ghent tests filling up tram tracks to better cyclist safety

Ghent tests filling up tram tracks to better cyclist safety

The Flemish municipality has partnered with De Lijn for this infrastructural experiment

Getting stuck in the tram tracks is an occasional and ever-present risk for cyclists, especially those riding certain thin-tire bike models. For this reason, the City of Ghent and De Lijn, the Flemish public transit operator, have teamed up to offer a solution – filling the tram tracks in a way that allows passage both of bicycles and trams.

For the time being, the idea will only run as a trial project on two of the Belgian city’s tram stops - Duivelsteen and Cataloniastraat. The initial experiments were conducted at the city’s tram depot and now it will be tested in real-life situations.

Improving different features in the urban environment

Road safety is paramount both for the municipal authority and for the public transport operator, which means that they would like to improve the safety factor in urban traffic by any means possible.

The tram tracks at the Duivelsteen and Cataloniastraat stops have been partially filled since the beginning of March, which should reduce the chance of cyclists getting their wheels stuck in the tracks.

The half-filling is placed at a height so that it does not touch the tram wheels. Completely filling tram tracks is only possible in places where the tram no longer runs, such as Belfortstraat.

I was able to test the half-filled tram tracks myself at the depot. It really does make a difference. It's good that De Lijn can now test this 'on the ground'. We must do everything we can to make it safe for cyclists near tram tracks,“ said Filip Watteeuw, Alderman for Mobility.

In the coming weeks, De Lijn will analyze what effect the filling has on passing cyclists. If the evaluation is positive, the City can consider rolling out this system at other tram stops.



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