Global Linkoping 2020 event, Source: Linköping Municipality

Global Linköping: the event that inspires critical thinking on sustainability

Global Linköping: the event that inspires critical thinking on sustainability

Can the way you dress affect climate change?

For many, the UN 2030 Agenda still remains an unknown, distant or abstract concept. This lack of promotion to the grassroots levels may seriously hinder the achievement of the goals that were set by that ambitious plan.

The Swedish Municipality of Linköping, however, wants to make sure that it brings that information to its residents not through bureaucratic, formalist resolutions but through informational sessions that tackle these issues in a way that they relate to common daily life activities. That is why a new edition of Global Linköping is organized this week, for the period 16-21 November – this year taking place only online, due to recent tightening of sanitary measures.

Four different webinars, free to watch and learn

Participants can watch the webinars completely free, in fact, they are encouraged to do so since they may get to learn some new and valuable information applicable to their lifestyles.

So, what are the four major themes which will get treated with specialized online lectures?

The first one seeks to link the Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) to child-friendly urban planning. Perhaps, parents have already seen this connection and the argument presented is that we should all begin thinking from the perspective of someone, who is yet to grow up and not someone looking towards the past.

The past prioritized cities for motorized traffic, the future ought to convert hard surfaces for culture, leisure, sports and pedestrian mobility.

The second webinar wants to remind viewers that solving climate challenges is both a collective and individual effort. The idea is to enter a mindset where one can be conscious while at work (no matter whether one works for a public or private organization) or at home that almost every action can have a beneficial or harmful consequence for the environment.

A more specific example of that will be demonstrated by the third lecture, which will bring attention to patterns of clothing consumption. Few are aware that the textile industry has a heavier carbon footprint than aviation and shipping combined! Ways of switching to a more sustainable wardrobe will be discussed.

The fourth webinar wants to explore the theme of sustainable mobility. How can we engender a mindset where we only use cars for long-distance trips? Can all people who live within 5 kilometres from their workplace be convinced to walk or cycle between these two points?

As this brief overview has shown, understanding sustainability might require a closer look at ourselves. For those whose curiosity has peaked and want to find out more, they can watch the webinars on this link.



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