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Gospic’s new cogeneration plant nears completion

Gospic’s new cogeneration plant nears completion

The project is worth over 20 million euros and will provide not only clean power but also jobs and growth to the city

Work on Gospic’s new cogeneration plant nears completion after years of development. The project, worth some 20 million euros, will play a key role in the city’s green development and will also prove to be a crucial factor in its economic recovery as a provider of jobs in the aftermath of COVID-19.

Investing in green and reaping the benefits

The Gospic cogeneration plant is the 2nd largest green project to be developed in the city’s area since Croatian independence after the construction of the Kalcit factory and represents the city’s overwhelming desire to seize the spirit of the time and become more environmentally friendly.

This biomass plant, with an output of 5 MW, is characterized by the simultaneous production of two useful forms of energy (both electric and thermal) as part of a single process. As part of the same project, however, an additional plant is also being built - a dryer, intended for the drying of wood chips, which will increase the efficiency of cogeneration.

The produced electricity will then be taken over by the local supplier, while the thermal energy will be primarily used for the needs of the technological process (the biomass drying), and will be used in case there is an increased need for heating in Gospic proper.

Not only will the plant help Gospic solve some underlying issues and advance its climate agenda, but it will also significantly boost the local economy by providing high-paying and high-profile jobs for locals and potential migrants to the city.

“At the moment, GEEN is urgently looking for electrical and mechanical engineers who need to be trained before putting the plant into operation. Therefore, in Gospić, several jobs will be created in 2020, and by the end of the year, other occupations will be sought in the newly opened plants of the company.” explained the Mayor of the City of Gospić Karlo Starčević.



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