Always wanted to have a café but weren´t sure where to begin? If you live in Gothenburg there is now help

Gothenburg offers an orientation day for wannabe restaurant owners

Gothenburg offers an orientation day for wannabe restaurant owners

Many people dream of opening a café, but don’t know how to go about it

The City of Gothenburg (Sweden) has announced that it will hold a Start Café & Restaurant Day on 21 April for anyone curious about the process of entering the catering and food industry as a budding entrepreneur. With this initiative, the local authorities are keen to invite residents to exercise their adventurous spirit and to help them feel more knowledgeable about the necessary administrative steps that invariably come with the starting of a new business.

Everyone dealing with this industry will send representatives there

No matter what business one dreams of starting, it is important to do it right. For any person with the ambition to start a café, restaurant, food truck, restaurant, catering or fast food restaurant, there are many authorities that one needs to get in touch with.

In Gothenburg, there are lots of lovely cafes and restaurants. The city is growing so fast and there is room for more. If you have a dream of starting a café or restaurant business, it is a fantastic opportunity to come to the Café and Restaurant Day on April 21 at Yesbox,” explained Torbjörn Kvarefelt, an expert at Business Region Gothenburg.

The day will begin with a presentation by Matts Johannson, entrepreneur and founder of the café chain Da Matteo. Matts started his first coffee bar in 1995 and has since operated and developed a number of restaurants and cafés in the region, often with sustainability in focus.     

Then participants will find out what is required in the application process and they can follow a case study with the entrepreneur "Kim" and see what her journey was to establish a business.

You can also listen to lecturers from the following authorities and organizations:

  • Environmental management
  • The city planning office
  • Cycle & Water
  • The permit unit
  • The traffic office and the police
  • Property owners
  • The Swedish Tax Agency

During the day, some of Yesbox's players and business advisers are on-site to help you with your business idea. Participation is free of charge with previous registration since spaces are limited.



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