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Graz keeps local farmers' markets afloat by ensuring safe shopping

Graz keeps local farmers' markets afloat by ensuring safe shopping

The city will be providing free masks to shoppers and shopkeepers alike and will be reinstating some of its previous corona-prevention measures

As confirmed COVID-19 cases continue to mount and as the Austrian government tightens nationwide restrictions, local authorities across the country are falling back on what they had learned during the first wave of the pandemic in order to be more effective in protecting citizens and their businesses. 

In the Styrian capital of Graz, authorities were quick to develop measures that would ensure businesses can operate as normally as possible during the first months of the pandemic. Now, with a 2nd coronavirus wave looming on the horizon, the city is once again looking to do what it can for its citizens.

Farmers' markets – essential for local producers, yet threatened by restrictions

Supporting local producers and farmers quickly rose in the list of priorities of local governments across Europe as COVID-19 gripped the continent. Providing ample opportunities for them to sell their produce and to be able to stay afloat while the pandemic shattered usual supply chains became vital for the long-term wellbeing of many communities.

Such was – and is – the case in Graz. With restrictions to everyday life making a gradual return across Austria, authorities in the city have once again begun distributing facemasks to shoppers and shopkeepers at local farmers’ markets. This way, officials hope that more people will be able to visit without fear of breaking the mandatory mask-wearing rules, which would, in turn, result in direct financial aid for producers.

Graz’s farmers' markets are a vital part of the city’s economy and protecting local producers and their businesses are of the utmost priority. According to Vice Mayor and Market City Councilor Mario Eustacchio, the government is well prepared to meet the challenges that lie ahead  "The market office of the city of Graz was well prepared for the tightening of the corona measures and can, therefore, as usual, keep the farmers' markets open. We provide the stallholders with sufficient free masks. They can also give one to their regular customers who have forgotten their masks. "



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