575,000 citizens over the age of 60 are not vaccinated

Greece announces stricter COVID restrictions for the unvaccinated

Greece announces stricter COVID restrictions for the unvaccinated

The new measures will affect those have not taken the COVID jab and citizens over the age of 60

On Thursday 18 November, Greece recorded 7,276 new cases of COVID. On the same day, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced stricter measures for those who are not vaccinated and those who are over the age of 60.

A pandemic of the unvaccinated

Introducing the new restrictions, the PM explained that Greece is experiencing a pandemic of the unvaccinated. More specifically, he revealed that nine out of ten patients in the hospitals’ intensive care units are not vaccinated. For this reason, the measures will primarily affect this group of citizens.

From Monday 22 November, unvaccinated adults will no longer be able to enter indoor spaces such as catering establishments, cinemas, museums, and gyms. To visit churches, they would need to present proof of a negative COVID test.

Protecting elderly citizens

Mitsotakis further shared that while more than 7 million citizens (3 in 4 adults) have already taken the vaccine, 575,000 people over the age of 60 have not yet done so. What is more, those who are vaccinated have not taken their booster doses. As such, the new measures will also affect this age group.

From Monday, the vaccination certificates of citizens over the age of 60 will expire 7 months after the administration of their last jab. In this way, the government seeks to encourage the elderly to take the booster dose and ensure that they are fully protected.

Aside from these measures, the Greek PM announced the staggering of working hours of both public and private sector companies. With this measure, the government will prevent overcrowding at rush hour times and on public transport. Finally, there will be stricter inspections to guarantee that everyone is following the new rules.

“If all the elderly are vaccinated, the coronavirus will turn into a kind of seasonal flu. And, if we all follow the rules of personal hygiene, then it may disappear,” Mitsotakis reassured citizens.



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