Maskless partying in Greece can make a triumphal return this summer

Greece axes mask mandate from today

Greece axes mask mandate from today

This means that for the first time in two years, wearing a mask in a public setting is not obligatory in the Mediterranean country

Greece has lifted the mask mandate as of today, 1 June, in preparation for its summer season, which is an important economic driver for the country. Actually, this means that, for the first time in two years, wearing a mask in a public setting is not obligatory in the Mediterranean country.

That being said, there are still some exceptions and masks will still be required on city public transport, such as subway, buses, trams and trolleys. People will also have to don a mask when visiting a healthcare centre or a nursing home.

On the other hand, interurban and international transport, such as trains and airplanes will not require masks. A solution is still expected for ships and ferries, and wearing masks remains mandatory until it is released. The scientific committee, which advises the government, is expected to meet later today.

Preparing for a hot and busy tourist summer

The easing of measures in Greece actually comes amid an increase in new cases of COVID-19. On Tuesday, they rose to 5,080 from 2,400 on Monday. However, June is also the start of the traditionally busy tourist season in the country. There is fatigue in society and authorities are keen on making sure that the economic restrictions are lessened even if that is not the situation for COVID cases.

The preparation for the summer had already begun a month ago, in fact, when the health officials axed the requirement to show proof of vaccination in order to enter restaurants and bars. Another southern and tourist-popular country, Italy, kept the green certificate requirement a little bit longer but is also scrapping it as of today.

The Greek government, however, has indicated that come autumn the COVID rules might be back in force if the infection rates worsen.



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