Greece launches interactive COVID-19 map

Greece launches interactive COVID-19 map

The map will provide users with valuable knowledge on threat level and restrictions across the country

Earlier in October Greece launched its interactive COVID-19 map that will allow citizens and visitors to the country to quickly find out more about the epidemiological situation across its territory and discover the measures that are in effect.

The map was developed by the Greek Civil Protection and Digital Governance and is meant to make the country’s response to the pandemic faster, smarter and more efficient. Ultimately, the digitalisation will, of course, also save lives, as citizens are better prepared and have a better knowledge of the situation around them.

A smart approach to problems

Upon opening the map (found on, users will find the entire map of Greece divided into its regions and coloured in 4 separate colours. They each represent the 4 stages of alert and preparedness based on the central government’s definitions. The levels are as follow:

  • Stage 1, coloured in Green means “Readiness” – this is the safest stage that allows for maximum freedom as per the government’s guidelines
  • Stage 2, coloured in Yellow equates to “Surveillance” – at this level, some of the basic restrictions begin tightening. For example, the number of persons allowed to be present at an assembly is reduced to 50 and concert halls and outdoor theatres are allowed to operate at 50% capacity.
  • Stage 3, coloured in Orange signifies “Increased Surveillance” – at this stage, the restrictions are tightened further but assembly and concerts and performances remain possible
  • Stage 4, coloured in Red is called “Increased Risk” – regions in this stage have many activities banned and heavy restrictions in effect that prevent as much movement and assembly as possible.

Should you visit the website, you can find all the rules that are in effect for every region. The information that is available will be updated every 14 weeks, pending the government’s advice and depending on changes to the epidemiological situation across the country.



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