Greece launches MeToo movement website

Greece launches MeToo movement website

The aim is to break the culture of silence and inform citizens about government initiatives

Today, the Prime Minister of Greece Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced the launch of local MeToo movement website. The start of this initiative brings Greece one step closer to breaking the culture of silence and becoming a safer place.

An informative tool

One of the main aims of the website is to educate citizens about sexual harassment, sexual abuse, and authoritarian violence. More importantly, it will be used to provide people with information regarding the initiatives and actions that the government supports to combat these issues.

On his official Twitter profile, the Prime Minister shared that many companies have already begun doing their part by ensuring that everyone knows and follows the Code of Ethics. In addition to this, he explained how vital it is to educate people and provide information. He noted that there is a difference between not knowing what is wrong and choosing to act immorally when you do.

Breaking the culture of silence

Upon announcing the release of the website, the Prime Minister also shared that the MeToo movement is one that concerns all spheres of social life including home, work, sports, arts, etc. Furthermore, he wrote that everything started once the sailing gold medallist from the 2004 Olympics Sofia Bekatorou shared her story.

Bekatorou was the first to speak up and break the silence as she shared how she had been sexually assaulted by a sports official when she was 21 years old. Until Bekatorou had found the strength to speak up, Greece had remained silent.

Her voice encouraged many people who had found themselves in a similar situation to step forward and share their stories too. Thus, the change has begun.

The website launch is an invaluable step towards reforming society and making Greece a safer place. Information regarding the Greek MeToo movement can be found on as well as on Instagram @metoo_greece.

Together we will break the silence. You are not alone,” the Prime Minister assures.

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