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Greece outlines plan for its gradual reopening

Greece outlines plan for its gradual reopening

Although travelling for Easter will not be permitted, outdoor catering will resume on 3 May

On 21 April, the Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis addressed the nation and announced that the country will begin to gradually reopen. In his statement, Mitsotakis discussed the Easter holidays as well as the reopening of restaurants, schools, and tourism.

No travelling during Easter

According to Mistotakis, the country is currently in the most sensitive phase of its war against COVID. In other words, it is crucial that the nation continues to comply with the safety measures and restrictions.

As a result, the Prime Minister has advised people not to travel during the Easter holidays. He notes that if the country continues to make progress, it will regain its freedom by the summer. However, he explains that this will not be possible if people travel for the holidays.

Gradual reopening  

After Easter Sunday, Greece will begin to slowly reopen. More specifically, from Monday 3 May, outdoor catering will once again be allowed. Of course, employees will have to comply with safety measures by ensuring that there is sufficient distance between tables and that all staff undergoes mandatory self-tests. What is more, the night curfew will be extended to allow free movement until 11 pm.

From Monday 10 May, high schools and primary schools will reopen. Nevertheless, to ensure the safety of all students and staff, self-tests will be compulsory for everyone in the school (students, teachers, administrative staff, etc.)

Finally, Saturday 15 May will mark the opening of tourism for those who have been vaccinated or who have tested negative in the last 72 hours. Furthermore, countrywide travel and certain cultural activities will also be permitted.

Importance of discipline

The Prime Minister urges people to be disciplined and to avoid recklessly gathering. Moreover, he stresses that is crucial to increase the percentage of people who have been vaccinated, noting that this will help the country become free once again.

Although times are difficult and the Easter travel restrictions will undoubtedly upset many people, Mitsotakis guarantees that life will soon return to normal if people comply with the government’s measures. In addition to this, he explains that the war against COVID is becoming easier every day thanks to vaccinations, self-tests and warm weather.



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