Greece plots 12-month tourism model

Greece plots 12-month tourism model

The battle for the country’s full-scale tourism reboot will last far longer than the summer months

Following months of lockdown, Greece finally began its full reopening on 1 July. Since then, the country’s land borders have been opened, airports have been reallowed to operate and restrictions on maritime travel have already been gradually lifted.

The Greek government’s approach to the removal of travel barriers, however, does not come in a vacuum. Instead, it is the culmination of months of prior efforts to put a lid on the spread of COVID-19 which not only saved many lives but also put Greece in the perfect position to take on the mantle of one of the safest tourism destinations for the summer of 2020.

Building on past success and planning for the future

Thanks to the exceptional handling of the coronavirus crisis by Greek authorities, the country’s government quickly moved towards rebooting its tourism sector – a key pillar of economic activity. While maintaining their vigilance, authorities successfully reestablished tourism connections to the rest of the EU and are currently evaluating how best to approach 3rd countries.

Yet there is another change afoot, prompted by the coronavirus pandemic. The Greek Tourism Ministry wants to shake up how Greece, as a tourist destination, fits the public perception of potential tourists from all around the world. Through an entirely new approach, authorities aim to turn Greece from the place where you go for your week off during the summer to a 12-month tourist destination that is above all safe and provides you with ample protection in order to remain healthy.

The Ministry wants to build on the government’s successful handling of COVID-19 and create a tale that can sustain Greece’s tourism industry all year round. That, of course, does not mean that authorities will be willing to compromise on the exceptionally high levels of service – instead, they mean to seek a fine balance between hospitality and safety that they can offer all those interested in visiting Greece.

The government is already engaged in talks with representatives of the relevant businesses such as tour operators and ad companies in order to craft a brand-new image for Greece – one that screams “safety first”.



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