Greece’s first winter event for disabled persons hosted in Naoussa

Greece’s first winter event for disabled persons hosted in Naoussa

The event will offer a unique experience to one hundred people

The Greek of Municipality of Naoussa will be hosting the Mediterranean country’s first event winter event tailored specifically to the needs of disabled persons.

The event will be held this Sunday, 9 February at the 3 – 5 Pigadia Ski Resort at Mount Vermio. It will bring together ski professionals and coaches, physical education specialists, a number of famous winter sports athletes and of course numerous volunteers. Together they will be at the beck and call of 100 disabled persons who will be offered the chance to enjoy the sun and the snow at the resort and experience the joys of winter sports for the first time.

The goal of the event

The event is called “Know the Snow” and is the first of its kind to offer such a programme to persons with disabilities. By hosting the event, the municipality of Naoussa wants to send a simple and clear message – accessibility and inclusion are key for any city to make its citizens and constituents feel at home and cared about and that no disability is enough to stop people from doing something that they enjoy and love.

The 100 spots set out for the event have already been filled. Mostly by students and other individuals from a range of schools and all sorts of organisations hailing both from the city itself and surrounding administrative units and regions. They will be allowed to use the resort’s equipment free of charge – snowmobiles, lifts and all other necessities required for enjoying a day out in the snow.

The municipality of Naoussa is taking a brave step in promoting accessibility and equality policies by hosting such an event, proving that by actively supporting disabled persons, local governments can truly bring about change to their lives and better their conditions.



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