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Greece teams up with Amazon to establish regional space hub

Greece teams up with Amazon to establish regional space hub

The agreement is part of the country’s efforts to accelerate its digital transition

On 2 August, the Greek government announced that it has signed a Statement of Strategic Intent with Amazon Web Services (AWS). That is, the Hellenic Ministry of Digital Governance and the Ministry of Development and Investment have agreed to collaborate with AWS to create an innovative regional space hub.

According to a press release by the Ministry of Development and Investment, the signing of the statement is crucial for the country’s digital transition as AWS’ support is expected to act as a lever for the implementation of Greece’s digital goals.

Two main initiatives

The Greek government and AWS have outlined the steps they will take to create a sustainable and innovative space hub. More specifically, the bodies will collaborate on several initiatives, including the creation of training and specialisation programmes in the field of aerospace.

Focusing on the growth, development, and education of professionals in the aerospace community is key to establishing a competitive and sustainable space hub. For this reason, AWS has announced that it will support the Greek space start-up and technology community in various ways.

Taking a case in point, AWS will provide them with access to AWS Active, allowing them to work alongside investors and venture capital firms. In addition to this, it will offer courses, interactive labs, virtual training sessions, resources, and technical support, among others.

The second initiative outlined by the signatories is a sponsorship programme whereby Greek space data professionals will have the opportunity to use the Registry of Open Data on AWS. In other words, they will be allowed to access and store qualified space-related data.

Finally, it is important to highlight that Amazon further seeks to support the development of the Greek space and technology community by focusing on empowerment programmes for women and young professionals. Ultimately, it is hoped that the collaboration between the Greek Ministries and AWS will result in the creation of a competitive, inclusive, and innovative space hub.



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