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Greece to supply schools with robotics equipment worth EUR 30 million

Greece to supply schools with robotics equipment worth EUR 30 million

It is accelerating the digital transformation of education

On 18 February, the Greek Ministry of Education announced that it will allocate EUR 30 million for the distribution of robotics equipment in schools across the country. More specifically, it will distribute 177,000 robotics sets (consisting of individual components as well as relevant software) to educational institutions with students between the ages of 4 and 15. 

In addition to the equipment, the Ministry will further supply the teachers and students of schools and kindergartens with supportive information materials to ensure the optimal use of the robotics sets. 

Accelerating the digital transformation of education

It is important to note that, as of this year, the Ministry has included robotics in the compulsory curricula of the country’s kindergartens and schools. What is more, it has provided teachers with training to familiarise them with programming and technology. 

Expanding on this, TheMayor.EU recently reported that the government will give over 160,000 teachers vouchers worth EUR 200, which they could then use to purchase IT equipment such as tablets and laptops. Commenting on the digital transformation of education, Minister Niki Kerameus shared:

“Our constant goal is to provide our children with access to all the knowledge and skills they will need in an ever-changing environment. The public school is evolving, acquiring modern technological equipment, promoting – through educational robotics – creative, combinatorial, and computational thinking and the solution of real problems. It cultivates exploratory and collaborative learning, redesigns innovative teaching methods, and highlights the role of the teacher as a companion of digital evolution.”

The acquisition of the modern equipment will be funded by the EU’s Recovery and Resilience Facility, which seeks to combat the negative impact of the pandemic and help promote the green and digital transition.



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