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Greek pharmacies will distribute free COVID self-tests

Greek pharmacies will distribute free COVID self-tests

As of 7 April, Greek citizens will be able to collect their self-testing kits from their neighbourhood pharmacies

The first batch of COVID self-testing kits will be delivered to pharmacies across Greece on Wednesday 7 April. According to an announcement by the Deputy Health Minister Vassilis Kontozamanis, all citizens will be entitled to one free kit per week (four per month).

The self-tests must be performed at home and not at pharmacies. For this reason, each testing kit comes equipped with instructions on how to take a sample and perform the diagnostic test.

Schools will reopen on 12 April

Teachers and students will only be allowed to attend school once they present proof of a negative COVID test. According to the local Greek newspaper Naftemporiki, students with a negative result must carry a signed certificate throughout the week and present it to their teachers at school.

If, on the other hand, a student has a positive COVID result, they must visit a public health facility to take a second antigen test which will be free of charge. If this second test result is also positive, the student must then stay home and their absence will be justified.  

It is important to note that students will not be allowed to attend school if they do not bring the aforementioned certificate. What is more, they will not have the option of distance learning.

Frequent testing is advised

Although the self-tests are not mandatory, the Health Ministry recommends frequent testing since 1 in 3 carriers of COVID do not present any symptoms.

All positive self-test results must be registered on the government’s self-testing website. To reiterate, positive results must then be confirmed with a second antigen test from a health facility. While waiting for confirmation, citizens are required to stay home and self-isolate.

Kontozamanis stressed that these tests do not replace epidemiological surveillance. Instead, they are a complementary means of self-diagnosis. More importantly, they will help asymptomatic citizens protect their families and communities by receiving an early diagnosis and self-isolating on time.



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