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Greek PM apologises for devastation caused by unprecedented fires

Greek PM apologises for devastation caused by unprecedented fires

Mitsotakis revealed that human efforts do not seem enough in the “unequal battle with nature”

On 9 August, Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis addressed the nation, apologising for any weakness shown during the fight against the ravaging fires. In his speech, the PM explained that the country is experiencing “a natural disaster of unprecedented proportions”; that is, Greece has witnessed 586 fires in the last few days, with hundreds of properties being affected.

In addition to his public apology, the PM shared that he is grateful for the efforts of the civil protection, police, and coast guard. Without their help, people would not be evacuated or rescued in time. Similarly, he thanked the firefighters and volunteers for risking their lives to battle the fires and save homes. In addition to this, he expressed gratitude for the solidarity shown by other nations and the EU.

EU assistance

The European Commission recently revealed that the EU mobilised assistance for Greece. In particular, it has sent nine firefighting planes, 1,000 firefighters, and 200 vehicles to help the nation in its battle against the devastating fires.

Moreover, countries such as France, Germany, Poland, Austria, and Slovakia have also sent ground firefighting units to help the European country. These units have reportedly joined forces with others previously sent from Cyprus, Czechia, and Romania as well as planes from Sweden, Croatia, and Spain, among others.

Consequences of climate change

Mitsotakis’ speech further addressed the causes of the disaster, citing the unprecedented heat and the many months of drought as the reasons for the catastrophic fires. What is more, the PM highlighted the significance of the climate crisis, noting that it is knocking on the doors of countries all over the globe. With this in mind, Mistotakis shared: “We may have done what was humanly possible, but in many cases, this did not seem to be enough in the unequal battle with nature.”

Nevertheless, he claimed that all the lost property will be compensated and that the burned areas will be reforested. In fact, he revealed that reforestation funding has already been secured from the EU’s Recovery Fund.

“I am sure that this test will also become an opportunity that will teach us and make us better. Because the challenge of the climate crisis concerns not only ours, but especially the next generation. Personally, I will continue to do what I have chosen from the beginning: to speak the language of truth, to assume my responsibilities, to repel divisions and to unite the Greeks. And to work hard for the homeland we deserve,” Mitsotakis concluded.



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