Greece's electricity grid is under severe pressure

Greek PM urges residents to reduce energy consumption during heatwave

Greek PM urges residents to reduce energy consumption during heatwave

The country is experiencing its highest temperatures since 1987

On Monday 2 August, the Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis held a meeting at the National Energy Control Centre in Kyroneri to discuss the record-high temperatures in the country. According to the Prime Minister, Greece is currently facing the worst heatwave since 1987. With temperatures expected to reach 46 degrees Celsius, Greece’s electricity grid is under severe pressure.

What measures will be taken?

Meeting with the Ministry of Environment and Energy and executives of various other bodies, Mitsotakis discussed the measures they will take to ensure the supply of electricity. While the government is taking all possible measures to prevent a crisis, their efforts will not be enough without the support of citizens.

As such, Mitsotakis is urging all residents to take action to reduce the burden on the system by decreasing their energy consumption as much as possible. More specifically, the Prime Minister asks citizens to reduce their consumption during peak hours (13:00 – 15:00, 18:00 – 19:00, 22:00 – 23:00).

In other words, residents should turn off their lights and electric water heaters. What is more, Mitsotakis explained that inhabitants must also adjust the temperatures of their air conditioners to 26 degrees Celsius.

President and CEO of the Independent Power Transmission Operator (IPTO) Manousos Manousakis revealed that the company documented a decade-long record in consumer demand last Friday. This demand is now expected to grow further as temperatures continue to rise.

Taking this into account, it is crucial that residents comply with the guidance and reduce their energy consumption. Highlighting the severity of the situation, the Minister of Environment and Energy Costas Skrekas stated:

“We ask, because the country’s electricity network is under pressure due to the very high demand since we are at the peak of the tourist season and we have over 2-3 million extra visitors at the moment in our country, we ask consumers not to waste energy that is not needed.”



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