A visualization of the complex , Source: Fonds du Logement de la Région Bruxelloise on Facebook

Green light for Brussels’ biggest public housing project

Green light for Brussels’ biggest public housing project

The Quartier des Trèfles will be home to hundreds of people as a neighbourhood-sized three-building complex

Yesterday, the Housing Fund for Brussels Capital Region (Fonds du Logement de la Région Bruxelloise) announced it has obtained a planning permit for the biggest social housing complex in the fund’s history. The project called Quartier des Trèfles will offer 461 apartments, as well as common spaces, sports facilities and sustainable energy concepts.

The project also aims to integrate the built environment with nature, by providing space for local flora and fauna to thrive. This could even have an impact on local endangered species through specific favourable habitats. Construction is set to start on 1 April.

The green concept for Quartier des Trèfles

The new neighbourhood-sized development will feature specific strategies to increase local biodiversity, including green spaces and green roofs. Additionally, some of the green spaces will be populated with local and endangered greenery, while the areas will feature nesting boxes and shelters for a variety of species.

This part of the project will be carried out with the help of landscape architects and ecologists, according to an official statement by the Housing Fund.

Moreover, apart from green measures, the complex will feature heat pumps and photovoltaic panels which will help reduce the occupants’ energy bills.

Furthermore, the complex will feature three buildings, three community halls, a laundry room, a bicycle workshop, a repair café and spaces for liberal professions. The apartments themselves will be divided into one, two, three and four-bedroom variants, while some accommodations will feature independent access.

This would allow residents to accommodate relatives, and visitors or even sublet some of the bedrooms in their apartments. Additionally, the apartments will be sold off at a special VAT rate, with measures targeting low and mid-income households.



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