The two sections of the new Brasov bus terminal featuring solar and green roofs, Source: Municipality of Brasov

Green roof, solar roof: Check out Brasov's new bus terminal

Green roof, solar roof: Check out Brasov's new bus terminal

It also features fast-charging stations for e-buses

At the end of last week, the Municipality of Brasov (Romania) was proud to unveil its newest, largest and greenest bus terminal. The new facility aims to be a showcase for the future of public transport hubs and an example of the direction of new ideas in terms of design and construction.

The bus terminal features 12 docking platforms for buses and has been thought of as a central hub for the city with connections to the Brasov train station and 14 areas in the metropolitan area, including the airport.

Four of the terminal’s 12 platforms will be equipped with fast charging stations for electric buses. Twelve buses can stop here, respectively, nine with a maximum length of 13 metres and three with a length of 18 metres.

Reducing the overall asphalt surface

The roof of the bus station lounge area is of a green terrace type and is also moveable. As the back of the building is partially buried, the green space on the building is in continuity with the rest of the green space.

At the same time, the terminal means not only an asphalted platform area but also the arrangement of a green space with a lawn, provided with 70 trees and 20 decorative shrubs, for the comfort of passengers waiting for the bus.

The platform canopy, which represents the other section of the bus terminal, is a flat roof featuring photovoltaic panels.

In addition, the bus terminal has seven parking spaces for people with disabilities, which means it has also been designed with contemporary social inclusivity standards in mind.

This project is part of the municipality's strategy to transform public transport into the main urban mobility alternative, in place of private cars.



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