Hundreds of temporary houses like this one were already built by Heijmans ONE in the Netherlands, Source:

Groningen intends to build hundreds of temporary homes

Groningen intends to build hundreds of temporary homes

In an attempt to reduce the shortage of affordable homes

Groningen is taking new steps to resolve the lack of affordable housing on its territory. Last week, the municipal executive body expressed its ambition to construct hundreds of temporary homes within the next few years.

In this endeavour, the authorities will be assisted by housing corporations. Ideally, the first “flexible houses” should be ready by early next year.

A movable house can also be a stable home

Groningen, the largest city in the North of the Netherlands and home to a substantial student’s community, is exploring the opportunities offered by flexible houses as a means to guarantee affordable housing alternatives to its residents. As its name suggests, a flexible home is a one that is temporary in nature, both for residents and in terms of location. Although it is movable, the aim is for it to last at least 10 years.

Some 500 to 1000 homes, as housing corporations in Groningen envision, can provide an answer to the increasing shortage of affordable homes in the city. However, they can also be a solution to people who are temporarily looking for replacement housing in the context of district renewal works.

Movable houses are not new to the country as in the coming years, thousands of them are slated to appear in different cities. Groningen is thus joining the ranks of Dutch cities exploring innovative solutions to the growing social housing issue.

Alderman Roeland van der Schaaf, quoted on the municipal website, expressed his approval of the initiative saying that “The shortage on our housing market, the corona crisis and the temporary housing need due to the district renewal increase the need to build. We set the bar high together with the corporations.

The houses must be of high quality and the environment is included in the plans. We have an eye for the social cohesion within the neighbourhood with the use of flex housing. We are convinced that development with flexible housing can give a positive impulse to a district or neighbourhood.

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