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Guimaraes embarks on great renovations journey

Guimaraes embarks on great renovations journey

A large part of the city will be entirely renovated, creating new streets, new housing and new commercial buildings

The southern part of the Portuguese city of Guimaraes has lain barren for years. The City Council, however, does not intend for that to be the case any longer.

The local government of Guimaraes recently approved a contract for the re-urbanization of the area. Over the next 10 years, local authorities will be dedicating their efforts to the creation of a brand new district, ready to host citizens and businesses alike.

To that end two brand new streets will be created to link the southern part of the city to the town proper, as well as 17 new housing lots and a supermarket, ready to suit the needs of new arrivals.

Ambitious plans and modern solutions

First up for construction will be the transportation links to the area. They will connect the southern part of the city to the centre, to the train station and the municipal market. Furthermore, the city council is envisioning these new modes of travel to be easily integrated with already existing pedestrian and cycling traffic.

After the construction of the roads is complete, other contractors will now have the opportunity to complete their own tasks. Among them is the construction of a giant supermarket and an accompanying parking lot, that will boast around 200 parking spaces. The project also includes the construction of 17 apartment blocks – some of which will be classified as affordable housing and have their prices controlled by the City Council, according to Guimaraes mayor Domingos Bragança.

To make room for these new projects, however, old buildings must be torn down. Many old industrial plants, some of them decommissioned over 20 years ago will have to be removed from the area, as they are proving a major nuisance for urban planners wishing to connect the city and improve its outlook.



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