Having Covid-19 under control, France lifts the state of emergency on 11 July

Having Covid-19 under control, France lifts the state of emergency on 11 July

The liberalisation of measures can still be reverted, should the need arise

France believes it has managed to keep the coronavirus under control for the moment, which is why as of Sunday, 11 July the country is no longer in a state of a health emergency. The relaxing of measures was given the green light after the French parliament voted the draft law that organises the process and the Constitutional council approved it on Thursday.

Prudence remains the norm

Since 24 March France has been under the state of a health emergency, affecting travel, access to public spaces, social gatherings, the operation of many businesses. This is set to change on 11 July, but not for everyone. The state of emergency has not been lifted in two of France’s overseas territories - Guiana and Mayotte, where it will last until the end of October.

Furthermore, the law previews that certain restrictions can be restored, should the coronavirus threat return and keeping in mind the risk of a second wave. The Prime Minister could also restrict movement, close facilities that accept visitors or limit public gatherings.

For the remaining territories, there is some relaxing of measures, some of them concerning travel and tourism. River cruises will be authorized again and sea travel may take place between European ports, summarises It is no longer necessary to keep a distance of one seat apart on public transport, but masks remain mandatory in transport.

Stadiums and racetracks may reopen to the public (up to 5,000 persons), but not night clubs which will remain closed till September at least. Same goes for fairs, shows, exhibitions and international maritime cruises.

It is no longer possible to prohibit travelling beyond 100 kilometres from home on the entire territory of the country. However, local lockdowns could be introduced, should the need arise.

The relaxing of measures comes only days before France’s national holiday which usually passes with great festivities throughout the day and a traditional military parade along the Champs-Elysées.



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