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Hellenic Seaplanes joins the tourism campaign in Greece

Hellenic Seaplanes joins the tourism campaign in Greece

The company’s new slogan is now “Connecting Greece”

The Greek seaplane company Hellenic Seaplanes has joined the country’s tourism campaign “All you want is Greece”. Earlier this week, the Minister of Tourism Harry Theoharis met with the President and CEO of Hellenic Seaplanes Nicolas Charalambous to discuss developing waterway networks and their role in enhancing tourism.

In addition to this, Mr. Theoharis and Mr. Charalambous also discussed the slogan of the seaplane company. As it would help transport tourists and residents from port to port, it was decided that its new slogan would be “Connecting Greece”.

With the help and support of the Greek government, Hellenic Seaplanes believes that it will be able to use and build on its current accomplishments. More specifically, the company is hopeful that it will soon be able to develop the largest network of waterways in Europe.

What are the advantages of this?

By developing a large network of waterways and joining the country’s tourism campaign, the Greek company will create more job opportunities in remote areas. Taking this further, it will also make them more accessible and attractive to domestic and international tourists. As a result, it will enhance the economies of local islands and improve the quality of life of their residents.

According to the news network Greek City Times, Mr. Charalambous expressed his satisfaction with joining the tourism campaign as he noted that the seaplanes are warming up their engines and getting ready to transport their passengers reliably, quickly, and safely.

Moreover, he noted that the company’s goal to unite Greece fits perfectly with its new slogan: “In this light, the slogan of Hellenic Seaplanes “Connecting Greece” goes hand in hand with “All you want is Greece” and we are optimistic that everything will develop in a positive way.”



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