Kungstorget - project rendition when completed in 2022, Source: Helsingborg Municipality

Helsingborg is renovating not only the Central Station but also its adjacent square

Helsingborg is renovating not only the Central Station but also its adjacent square

The city is also inviting residents to help with the naming of a new pedestrian bridge

Last year, Helsingborg C, the main transport hub of the Swedish city of Helsingborg was set for renovation in a way that would freshen up its look and provide it with features, such as office spaces and restaurants. This year, the area around it is also seeing major construction efforts in order to provide a lasting facelift of a feature that many visitors see as their first impression, not only of the city but also of Sweden (there is a ferry line to the nearby Elsinore of Hamlet fame in Denmark).

One of the activities aims to also upgrade the look of Kungstorget, the square located next to the station. Nearby, there is also an ongoing construction of the new Oceanhamnen neighbourhood, which will be equipped with a marina as well as with an interesting S-shaped bridge to be used by pedestrians and cyclists on their way to and from the central station.

Involving residents in urban transformation

The main addition to the revamped square will be the round and covered bicycle parking building with space for 540 bicycles. Its roof will be covered in vegetation and the ceiling will be mirror-like. Furthermore, more lighting and cameras will be installed on the square to increase the feeling of safety.

The ground will be marked with yellow and red bricks indicating the direction movement for pedestrians and cyclists, respectively. However, this will also be a place for lounging and hanging around. Greenery islands will be placed near the entrance that will add a pleasant aesthetic appeal but also seating opportunities. The designers are promising a wooden deck on top of that that will feature comfortable sun loungers facing the harbour pool.

As for the S-shaped bridge, which is currently under construction, the authorities have invited residents to submit proposals for its future name directly on the municipal Facebook page.



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