The Port of Helsingborg is Sweden's fifth-largest by size but is strategically located, Source: Susanne Nilsson, on Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Helsingborg proposes 'Paris Agreement' for logistics

Helsingborg proposes 'Paris Agreement' for logistics

The pact will be signed today with a view to set a framework of operation for companies in this sector

The City of Helsingborg announced today that it will launch the Helsingborg Declaration, a pact meant to be the logistics sector’s equivalent to the Paris Agreement for countries. Its mission is to make that industry climate neutral by 2030.

The plan is to have the Helsingborg Declaration signed today, 14 June at 17:10, at H22 Arena on Hamntorget square in the city. Apart from the city government major logistics stakeholders, such as Scania, Volvo Truck Center, Postnord TPL, Peab, Schenker, Skanska, Catena, Johnson & Johnson, Frigoscandia and the Port of Helsingborg, will form part of the agreement. Helsingborg is also currently hosting the massive H22 City Expo event until 3 July.

Private sector cooperation from key economic sectors is crucial for impact

That Helsingborg is pioneering that economic sustainability pact should come as no surprise since the city is considered a key logistics hub in Sweden. According to the latest ranking from Intelligent Logistik, it has the best geographic location for the development of that sector.

We aim to be Europe’s most sustainable and fast-moving logistics hub. The Helsingborg Declaration is the answer to how we get there,” said Peter Danielsson, Mayor and Chairman of the Municipal Executive Committee in Helsingborg, on the occasion of the event.

He continued by describing the proposed pact as “historic”, being proud of the consensus among industry representatives to come together and think beyond market shares with a view toward sharing in the environmental responsibility.

This is a milestone for the logistics sector’s sustainability work. For the first time, representatives for the entire chain are now agreeing on common goals and guidelines with a view to achieving climate neutrality by 2030,” added Mayor Danielsson.

The focus areas of the declaration are:

  • Fossil-free energy;
  • Smart and efficient logistics with coordinated loading solutions;
  • Technology and infrastructure;
  • Packaging logistics;
  • Circularity, reuse, recycling

Mayor Danielsson used the opportunity to call on all of the logistics stakeholders in Sweden and Europe to take notice and join the movement by becoming signatories.



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