The H22 City Expo promises over 350 program points, Source: City of Helsingborg

Helsingborg reveals an attractive program for its H22 City Expo

Helsingborg reveals an attractive program for its H22 City Expo

For 35 days straight, you can immerse yourself in the Nordic vision of the urban future

The Swedish city of Helsingborg is holding one of the most exciting events in Europe this year – the H22 City Expo, taking place from 30 May to 3 July. It has been in the making for some time already and its rich and varied program has been revealed today.

This article will highlight some of the 350 different shows, activities and initiatives that one can witness and participate in if he/she pays a visit to this vibrant city on the western coast of Sweden.

Grand event containing smaller but important events

H22 is in its nature a macro-event, which will include smaller events, some of which we would like to present here briefly. It’s our courtesy for all these enthusiasts passionate about the ways the cities of the future can develop to make our lives better.

  • Urban Future: On June 1-3, Europe's largest event for sustainable cities will take place at the H22 City Expo. 108 mayors and representatives from 72 cities in 28 countries will participate.
  • Urban Brilliance: From 30 May to 2 June, a number of Europe's most sustainable cities, such as Valencia, Greater Copenhagen and Linz, will showcase groundbreaking innovations that can address global challenges at the local level.
  • H22 Arena: During the Democracy Festival, 13-16 June, Hamntorget in Helsingborg will be transformed into a national open arena for politicians, ministers, representatives from civil society, business, academia and interest groups to discuss the sustainable and caring cities of the future.
  • Space: Do not miss the unique planet street on Sundstorget. And listen to the exciting speakers, and maybe some astronaut, at H22 Arena.
  • Tastes of the future: The award-winning chef Daniel Berlin is responsible for the entire H22 City Expo food concept and H22 Gastronomy Zone at Henry Dunker's location. Here, Berlin invites to meetings with Niklas Ekstedt, Frida Ronge, Nicolai Nörregaard among many other well-known national and international chef names. There will also be workshops, tastings and talks about what is going on in gastronomy in the Nordic countries.
  • DM: is a new type of marketplace with, among other things, cultivation directly linked to food where the ideas come from the residents in the Drottninghög area. Ikea is behind the DM project, Do More.
  • Havoteket: Learn more about life in the sea at Havoteket, a prototype of an exciting future learning environment that focuses on sustainability issues.
  • RecoLab: The city's development facility RecoLab consists of a unique wastewater system that separates three wastewater flows. Helsingborg's urban renewal district Oceanhamnen is the first in the world to test the innovative system in full scale. Visit the state-of-the-art facility that will be inaugurated during the H22 City Expo.
  • Artificial reef: As in a marine park, you can see and experience the small fish and the rolling seaweed forests from the quayside.
  • The home of the future: In Magazine 405 in Helsingborg's old harbor area, Ikea explores the home in different life situations. The magazine also has a food court and even a dance floor.
  • ReCreate: Researchers and industry are collaborating in the international research project ReCreate to find solutions for circular construction in concrete. The first results will be presented during the H22 City Expo.
  • SilviaBo: A new type of home uniquely designed to meet the challenges of aging and dementia-related illnesses. Model houses are open to visitors for the first time during the H22 City Expo.
  • The forest: In Oceanhamnen, Ikea invites creative young people from all over the world to a big experiment. The temporary experiment The forest will show how people can interact with nature through new innovative ideas.
  • Wheat field in the middle of the city: The artist Daniel Segerberg builds a wheat field out on a pier, in the middle of the city. The work From ear to loaf on Pixlapiren raises questions about lost arable land as a result of urban expansion by physically returning arable land to the city. At the same time, the art initiative is a circular co-creation when the wheat is harvested and becomes local beer or pizza dough by local actors.
  • New electric road system: Sweden's second-largest container port is testing a new high-tech electric road concept from Swedish Elonroad. Technology can be explored by visitors on-site in the port during Expon.
  • Vera Park: An innovative industrial park and testbed for environmental solutions. A new cinema facility is under construction and will be open to visitors during the H22 City Expo.

In addition, there will also be a rich cultural agenda, so that participants can also look forward to wholesome family entertainment. For example, there is a 35-day folk festival with a wide range of hackathons, workshops, guided tours, experiments, culture, music, food and entertainment for everyone.

TheMayor.EU is happy to be an official partner to the H22. In the upcoming weeks, we will be throwing the spotlight on some of the featured events and initiatives in order to showcase the spirit of innovation that has taken over Helsingborg.

The entire program can be found on the event’s website.

H22 City Expo brings together almost a hundred official partners in addition to researchers, social actors, sustainability heroes, organizations and residents in the exploration of tomorrow's smart and sustainable cities.



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