On the deck of the Georg Ots in 1984 , Source: Antti Eirola

Helsinki and Tallinn celebrate their relationship with heart-warming exhibition

Helsinki and Tallinn celebrate their relationship with heart-warming exhibition

Dear Tallinn – Stories of our Neighbour will be on display from 15 October until 27 February

From 15 October 2021 until 27 February 2022, Helsinki’s tourists and residents can view a heart-warming exhibition dedicated to the Estonian capital city, Tallinn. The exhibition Dear Tallinn – Stories of our Neighbour (Armas Tallinna – tarinoita naapurista) will take place in the Helsinki City Museum and explore the relationship between the two capital cities using photographs and stories provided by Helsinki’s citizens.

From the 1980s to present day

Lovers of travel and arts can dive into the memories of Finnish travellers and explore the colourful trips made to Tallinn from the 1980s to the present day. In other words, one will be able to see how both the Estonian capital and Helsinki’s residents have evolved through the years.

The photographs and stories will portray different parts of Tallinn, distinct historical events, and how the capital’s cityscape changed over time. Thus, the exhibition will recount the story of Soviet Estonia and the country’s subsequent restoration of independence.

Attendees will also get a glimpse into the photo albums and travel diaries of the capital’s citizens. In a press release, the City of Helsinki revealed that some of the photographs depict moments from a Rock Summer 1988 concert, taxi rides in the outskirts of Tallinn, and travellers nervously standing near customs officers while tobacco cartons stick out of their coats.

An emotional journey

Beyond this, the exhibition will feature photographs and stories from the present day. This includes an exploration of COVID-19 and how travellers long to cross the Gulf of Finland once again. Therefore, the Dear Tallinn – Stories of our Neighbour exhibition aims to evoke a range of emotions, from happiness and joy to sadness and nostalgia.

Producer Rania Taina commented on the upcoming exhibition, sharing: “It has been great to see the variety of stories that people have wanted to tell about Tallinn. The stories that are full of humour and great emotion will make you laugh and cry, as well as surprise you. What many of the memories have in common is that they reflect a warm relationship with the city beyond the gulf and its people.”

According to the City of Helsinki, the Finnish Institute in Estonia and the Tallinn City Museum have cooperated to organise this exhibition and mark the 30th anniversary of Estonia’s restoration of independence.

What is more, the Tallinn City Museum is also currently holding a partner exhibition titled Searching Finland for Songs of Freedom 1961-91. Tallinn’s arts and travel lovers can view the exhibition until 29 September 2022.



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