Entrepreneur Day for Women, Source: NewCo Helsinki

Helsinki inspires female immigrants to become entrepreneurs

Helsinki inspires female immigrants to become entrepreneurs

The Finnish capital will hold ‘Entrepreneur Day for Women’ next month

On 6 June, the City of Helsinki will hold the ‘Entrepreneur Day for Women’ at the City Hall Event Square. The event targets women with an immigrant background to help them find the inspiration and information they need in order to start their own businesses. 

Everyone is welcome

Acknowledging that the immigrants in the capital are a very diverse group, the municipality stresses that everyone is invited and welcome to participate. In other words, there are no requirements in terms of education, age, or the ability to speak Finnish. 

Taking this further, it is important to note that Ukrainian refugees and others who have received temporary protection can also participate in the event. According to a press release, applicants who have received temporary protection from Finland have the right to work and be self-employed. Commenting on the upcoming event, Deputy Mayor Nasima Razmyar shared:

“Helsinki’s strategy is called ‘A Place for Growth’. A place where individuals and communities can grow. A place that creates human, social and economic growth. Entrepreneurship is a key driver of growth. We want to be a good city for everyone to work and be an entrepreneur. 

We will pay attention to issues such as promoting innovation, attracting international talent and equal access to city services. In a city where it is good to work and be an entrepreneur, individuals, communities, and the economy grow. And with this comes greater well-being.”

As part of the event, successful female entrepreneurs will give speeches and share their stories. In addition to this, the organisers will set aside time for free discussion at the end of the day so that participants can begin networking and making connections. 

Those interested in the Entrepreneur Day for Women can view the full programme and register online via The event will take place in English and be free of charge.



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