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Helsinki invests in the protection of biodiversity

Helsinki invests in the protection of biodiversity

The city’s Biodiversity Action Plan will safeguard plants, species and their habitats

One of Helsinki’s greatest attractions is its beautiful and diverse nature. According to the municipality, over a third of the city’s area consists of forests, meadows, and parks. What is more, it is also well known that Helsinki has an incredible sea area and archipelago.

Taking this further, Helsinki has currently recorded the presence of over 1,000 species of plants, around 150 species of birds, and almost 50 species of mammals. Now, it wants to ensure the protection of all by investing in safeguarding biodiversity.

As a result, it has prepared a new Biodiversity Action Plan (LUMO program) which has recently received the approval of the Helsinki Urban Environment Board.

What is the Biodiversity Action Plan?

The LUMO program has been organised by researchers and experts from the City, university, research institutes, and various environmental organisations. It is in accordance with the European Commission’s Green City Accord initiative and sets ambitious goals for the protection of biodiversity. To achieve these goals, the plan outlines over 90 measures intended to preserve and improve the habitats of species and plants.

Furthermore, the LUMO program aims to integrate the protection of biodiversity in all activities. In other words, it promotes the sustainable recreational use of nature and it seeks to ensure that all residents engage in activities that benefit the environment. Residents will further be encouraged to safeguard the environment through environmental education.

In a press release by the City of Helsinki, the Environmental Director Esa Nikunen shared: “The importance of green spaces for Helsinki residents has been growing for a long time. The Year of Corona has especially emphasised the importance of nearby nature.

By safeguarding the nature and biodiversity in the city, Helsinki is not only ensuring the survival of plants, species and their habitats but also the wellbeing of its residents.



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