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Helsinki provides cyclists with free training to promote traffic safety

Helsinki provides cyclists with free training to promote traffic safety

The Police Board encourages all cities to offer cycling training to reduce road accidents

Earlier this year, the Finnish capital announced its plans to become the world’s third most bicycle-friendly city. Now, it will provide free cycling training for everyone who wants to feel safer on the road. More specifically, it will teach cyclists how to ride their bicycles on the main roads and among vehicles in a way that does not put them in danger.

The City of Helsinki has collaborated with the Helsinki Cyclists’ Association to organise 5 cycling training classes. During these classes, cycling instructor Satu Leppänen will teach attendees where they are supposed to drive when among cars and what they must avoid.

Municipalities must provide cycling training

Chief Police Officer Hannu Kautto encourages all cities to set up cycling classes where residents can learn how to be safe. Kautto expanded on this, explaining that the number of cyclists in the capital has recently increased. A potential reason for this rise is the outbreak of the pandemic as more people found themselves opting for safer and more isolated ways to travel.

What is more, road traffic legislation has also recently been reformed. As a result, the police have noticed confusion and ambiguity surrounding the new rules. With this in mind, the Police Board recognised the need for training sessions that will ensure safer movement for both drivers and cyclists.  

Discussing the new classes, Kautto stated: “Such training, which is the result of a collaboration between the City of Helsinki and the Helsinki Cyclists' Association, is a great way to get acquainted with the rules and maintain cycling skills. It would be great if such training promoting traffic safety were more widely available to those who want it.”

The cycling classes will take place every Wednesday this month from 18:00 to 20:00. Moreover, each of the training sessions will explore the same content to ensure that as many people as possible can join. It is hoped that this initiative will make the city’s cyclists more skilled and give them the courage to cycle without feeling fearful or hesitant.



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