Cycling in Helsinki, Source: City of Helsinki

Helsinki’s bike service set for massive expansion

Helsinki’s bike service set for massive expansion

It will soon cover almost the entire city

At its meeting on Monday 11 January, the Helsinki City Government approved a procurement decision for the extension of the city bike service. With the expansion, the service will cover almost the entire Helsinki area.

Expanding for the sake of citizens and the environment

In the coming season, the city bike service will cover the whole of Helsinki, except for areas outside Ring Road III (Östersundom and Ala-Tikkurila). 105 new stations and 1,050 new bicycles will be added to Helsinki, which will also complement the existing service area. The exact locations of the stations are currently being planned.

The bike stations in the expansion area will be installed in stages in the early part of the upcoming city bike season, and the new stations will be commissioned as they become available,” says Samuli Mäkinen, the service’s project manager.

Due to the expansion of the service area, the usage fee for the entire season will increase by five euros, bringing the new season fee to 35 euros. Other prices remain unchanged.

The increase covers the cost of the service, which has increased significantly with this and the previous extension. With this model, the share covered by user charges and city support is balanced, as with other public transport services.

The popularity of city bikes, the functionality of the system and the activity of city dwellers have enabled the continuous development of the service. No changes to the length of the period or the number of stations will be made before 2025, when the current contract period ends.

Changes could be made, however, to the locations of existing stations. Citizens ’wishes about the locations of the future expansion were surveyed in August-September 2020.

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