Helsinki’s innovative measures for dealing with the coronavirus pandemic

Helsinki’s innovative measures for dealing with the coronavirus pandemic

A drive-in sampling facility has been set up, and citizens who live alone might be transferred to hotels so that they can be monitored

Finland is one of the countries that were best prepared for the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Nordic country’s government has spent the last couple of months gearing up to deal with the fallout and the effects of the novel coronavirus and stands ready to introduce additional measures if necessary.

Local authorities playing their part

City Councils and municipalities across the country have been vital to the central government’s efforts in containing and mitigating the adverse effects of the coronavirus outbreak. The Finnish capital of Helsinki has been at the forefront of such efforts, providing quick and easy COVID-19 testing to citizens and their families.

For example, the city has set up a drive-in sampling site at the new Helsinki Children’s Hospital. Citizens can get their samples taken without even leaving the confines of their vehicles. The results take a few minutes to process, after which citizens are sent on their way – either back to their ordinary lives or into quarantine if necessary.

For locals who do not own cars, the city has stated that it is ready to provide an ambulance for transportation to the drive-in testing facility.

Another measure that might soon be introduced is the use of hotel rooms as quarantine areas. Citizens who live alone by default are at particular risk – not only from increased isolation, but they are also constantly unmonitored.

Transforming hotels into quarantine facilities will allow authorities to house those who live alone and are placed under quarantine in confined, single spaces that are easily observed. According to officials, this should not only limit the spread of the disease but should also help every member of society as well.

Helsinki also boasts its very own emergency hotline for those who are concerned about the symptoms of COVID-19 or have questions about the disease - you can reach it at  09 3101 0024.



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